The Sagrado galleria held it’s first group exhibition on January 6, 2012. Housed inside "La Melgosa" in the Grand Avenue Arts District in Phoenix. Holding space each month for conceptual driven shows, workshops, as well as music and dance performances drawing in a diverse multicultural audience. In collaboration with the artist community The Sagrado created memorable shows that focused on Mexican, Chicano and Indigenous Cultures. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower community with skills needed to create social change through participation in urban development projects, having a voice through the arts, preserving cultural roots, and connecting to innovative skilled trades that are needed to provide true leadership/ownership.  

Our symbolic braid of work focuses on the following three areas:

1. Create opportunities for economic development in the art community through the use of culture and skilled trades to identify and implement urban development projects. This allows for community members to be the designers and fabricators in the community.

 2. Establish a model for future generations that will allow community and artists to have a strong voice by leading input in the arts, culture and design. This is vital when building communities through projects and development that involves the community while implementing their own vision.

 3.  Preserve our ancestral and cultural identity through the practice of our traditions while acknowledging the past and innovating through modern change. This will allow individuals to create new ideas into practice to meet new frontiers without jeopardizing our cultural past.