Design Empowerment

As a society we have the ability to create the future we want and tackle wicked problems through design. Good design is something that is so vital to our everyday wellbeing as humans, communities should have the control to alter and design their environments to be places that are nurturing and culturally relevant to the people who live in them. This starts with giving tools to people within the community to become the designers themselves. The design empowerment workshop is setup to invite youth to take part and learn about design while providing an opportunity to engage and share ideas about what type of development and design they wish to see for the future of South Central Phoenix.


Intention of Workshops

  1. To provide a resource for individuals who are interested in learning about design.

  2. Using design as a tool to shape the way one’s community is evolving and recognizing real life implications and parameters that exist within the design process.

  3. Sharing knowledge about design to create interest in younger generations.


The Sagrado Galleria held it’s first group exhibition on January 6, 2012. Housed inside "La Melgosa" in the Grand Avenue Arts District in Phoenix. Holding space each month for conceptual driven shows, workshops, as well as music and dance performances drawing in a diverse multicultural audience. In collaboration with the artist community The Sagrado created memorable shows that focused on Mexican, Chicano and Indigenous Cultures.